New API Features

Faster and Simpler Paths for Efficient Routing

We’re excited to announce an update to our API that introduces the simple flag for the sor/quote/v2 endpoint. By setting this flag, users can benefit from faster and simpler routing solutions. This feature is ideal for applications where speed is crucial, as it significantly reduces response latency by searching through a simpler set of routing paths compared to the standard method. This update is especially beneficial for high-frequency trading platforms and applications where quick decision-making is essential.

Enhanced Control with the Specify Output Receiver Feature

Additionally, we have introduced a new capability in our sor/assemble endpoint. API users can now specify the destination address for the output tokens of a swap using the optional receiver parameter. This enhancement provides greater control and flexibility in managing token swaps. If the receiver parameter is not set, the system will automatically default to userAddr. This feature is particularly useful for advanced trading strategies and for users managing multiple accounts or addresses, as it allows for direct routing of output tokens to a specified address, streamlining the transaction process.

New DEXs and Liquidity Sources