Disable RFQ Sources By Default

For API customers users, having the default behavior to include RFQ providers causes issues for some customers starting to build with our API. We’ve now made the default to disable RFQ providers. Customers are still able to request to include them in their swap paths by setting disableRFQs to false.

RFQ (Request for Quote) providers in the DeFi sector adopt a distinctive method that blends decentralized and centralized elements. In this system, traders send their trade requests to these providers, who then forward these requests to a selected group of market makers, encompassing both decentralized and centralized organizations, to obtain competitive quotes. This hybrid approach capitalizes on the blockchain’s strengths in transparency and security, while also benefiting from the efficiency and liquidity typically associated with centralized financial systems, thereby offering a well-rounded trading solution. However, a notable drawback of this model is the discretionary power of RFQ providers to restrict access to their liquidity pool at any time and for any reason, potentially impacting customers who rely on consistent and dependable swap quotes.

New DEXs and Liquidity Sources