Introducing Odos Zaps: The latest innovation in liquidity provision is here to enhance your experience with Uniswap V2 and Solidly pools, as well as with Curve LP tokens for StableSwap pools. Odos Zaps allows for the addition and removal of liquidity in any ratio, converting your assets into LP tokens more efficiently and with a single transaction. It supports multiple pools and ensures optimal rebalancing with protective measures to prevent loss from imbalances caused by price fluctuations. For seamless portfolio management, multi-input Zaps enable you to redistribute investments across various pools or tokens in one go. Accessible via API with no need for additional approvals, Odos Zaps streamline your liquidity management while maintaining security and simplicity. Dive into a more flexible and optimized liquidity experience with Odos Zaps via our quick start guide. For more information, refer to the zaps documentation.

Liquidity Pool Token Pricing

Elevate your DeFi strategy with the latest update from Odos: our Pricing API now offers real-time price assessments for liquidity pool (LP) tokens. This new feature enables you to accurately value your LP holdings, ensuring clarity and precision in your liquidity management.

New DEXs and Liquidity Sources