We have created a migration guide for our V1 API users to aid in their transition to V2.


/sor/quote, /sor/swap, and /info/contract-info/{chain_id} Deprecation

We have made the decision to remove the single endpoint of /sor/swap in favor of asking users to request quotes with /sor/quote/v2 and only assembling quotes they plan to execute using /sor/assemble. We have also added path parameters for Router Version to the /sor/quote and /info/contract-info endpoints. The endpoints without path versions have been deprecated.

These deprecated endpoints will cease to function starting September 1, 2023.

New Features

Referral Codes

One of the most powerful new features of Odos SOR V2 is the addition of referral codes. Partners that integrate Odos will now be able to register a referral code, which can be included into the new quote/v2 API requests in order to track volume and enable partner monetization. If partners wish, they can monetize their volume by registering an additional fee with this referral code - 80% of this fee will be sent to the specified partner address at the time of the swap, while the other 20% will be retained by the protocol. Partners that do not wish to monetize this way can still register a referral code in order to be eligible for any other partner benefits that Odos may offer in the future.

Like Asset Routing

We’re excited to announce the new ‘Like-Asset Routing’ feature in our service. When enabled, this feature checks if the assets being traded are pegged to the same underlying. If so, it restricts routing through those like assets, significantly reducing the potential for slippage. This allows users to set a much tighter slippage tolerance. However, please note that this might restrict liquidity and may result in an equal or worse quote. Please note that this feature won’t affect volatile pairs (where the two assets are of different types), and can be left on if a user wants this enhanced stable trading experience.