Smart Order Router

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Odos employs a patented Automated Market Maker (AMM) path finding algorithm, the cornerstone of its Smart Order Routing (SOR). This advanced algorithm is specifically designed to optimally route through over 500 liquidity sources, including decentralized exchanges (DEXs), lending protocols, yield optimizers, collateralized debt positions (CDPs), and numerous others. By meticulously scanning these sources, Odos determines the most efficient pathways for swapping various cryptocurrency tokens. This enables both retail and institutional traders to achieve significant savings when converting cryptocurrency tokens into other types of digital assets.

Why is Aggregation of Liquidity Sources Necessary?

A substantial amount of the trading volume in today’s digital currency market occurs outside traditional cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. These trades are processed permissionlessly on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). DEXs operate independently without a central authority and play a crucial role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. DEXs, such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and Balancer, use automated market makers to access liquidity pools. These pools consist of crowdsourced token pairs that are securely locked within a smart contract, replacing the need for traditional centralized order books.

As the number of DEXs, liquidity sources, and token pairs continues to expand, identifying the most favorable exchange rate for one or multiple digital assets has become a computationally intensive task. Here is where Odos steps in, aggregating a multitude of DEXs and other liquidity sources to offer users the best swap rates across various blockchains.

The Odos Advantage

Odos differentiates itself by analyzing a wide spectrum of possible token swap combinations and non-linear paths. This allows Odos to deliver the most advantageous exchange rates, all while keeping gas fees in check. Additionally, Odos stands out as the first liquidity source aggregator to introduce a multi-token input feature, allowing users to swap several tokens in a single atomic transaction.

How does the Odos Router Work?

The following is an example of how a swap from token $A to token $C works with an intermediate asset $B.

%%{init:{"sequence":{"showSequenceNumbers":true}}}%% sequenceDiagram participant U as User participant R as Odos Router participant E as Odos Executor participant B as DeFi Protocol B participant C as DeFi Protocol C U->>R: Initiate Transaction activate R R->>E: Forward execution path activate E E->>B: Send $A activate B B->>E: Receive $B deactivate B E->>C: Send $B activate C C->>E: Receive $C deactivate C E->>R: Send $C back to router deactivate E break Verify Minimum R-->R: Verify $C is greater than minimum. Revert if not. end R->>U: Receive $C deactivate R


In the vast landscape of the DeFi ecosystem, security and ease of use are paramount. At the heart of Odos lies the Odos Router - a pioneering feature designed to ensure user security while providing a streamlined access point to the decentralized finance world.

The Odos Router serves a crucial role, acting as your trusted guardian within the DeFi environment. This singular contract is the only entity with access to user funds, a strategic design decision aimed at significantly reducing the threat landscape and enhancing the security of transactions.

In addition to providing a highly secure access point, the Odos Router ensures transaction integrity by enforcing price adherence. It is equipped with a robust mechanism that guarantees users receive at least their minimum quoted price for a transaction. This mechanism serves as a safeguard against price fluctuations, helping to protect your investment and ensure a fair and transparent trading experience.

With the Odos Router, not only do you gain secure and simplified access to the diverse DeFi ecosystem, but you also benefit from the assurance of price protection. This makes Odos the ideal platform for both novice and experienced traders seeking a secure and efficient DeFi trading experience.


Here at Odos, we understand the nuanced complexities of DeFi protocols and the vital importance of seamless integration. That’s why we’ve prioritized establishing deep-rooted connections within the DeFi landscape as part of our unique approach to enhanced trading.

Our “secret sauce” is our exceptional ability to integrate with a wide range of DeFi protocols at a granular level. Unlike many other platforms, our focus when integrating DEXs is on the Liquidity Pool level. This strategic decision has profound implications for our users, chiefly resulting in substantial gas savings. By integrating at this intricate level, we enable streamlined, cost-effective interactions with a variety of DeFi protocols, enhancing the trading experience while keeping transaction costs under control.

Taking center stage in this integration process is our trusted executor. The executor plays a pivotal role, performing all operations stipulated by the Path provided to the router. This process not only ensures seamless integration with DeFi protocols but also facilitates fluid and efficient token swaps.

In a realm as dynamic as DeFi, comprehensive integration is key. With Odos, you get to experience the benefits of deep-rooted DeFi protocol integrations, gas savings, and a trading journey expertly executed by our dedicated executor. All these features, bundled together, make Odos a powerhouse platform for your DeFi trading needs.