Token Pricing


We meticulously monitor and evaluate an extensive network of over 500 diverse sources of liquidity. This includes decentralized exchanges, lending protocols, yield optimizers, collateralized debt positions (CDPs), and numerous others. Although our principal attention is on Smart Order Routing (SOR), our services extend to providing a comprehensive pricing service that encapsulates the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Our distinctive pricing service operates by calculating the starting buy and sell prices for each pool across every liquidity source we track. This information, along with additional pool data, helps us pinpoint an aggregate buy, sell, and midpoint price for any token that has on-chain liquidity.

Our Distinctive Features

We have several unique aspects that set us apart from other offerings:

  • Our ability to furnish block-specific pricing information, tailored to individual customer preferences
  • A focus on DeFi-centric pricing, meticulously calibrated for the decentralized finance ecosystem
  • Detailed asset pricing across multiple chains
  • Cross-chain correspondences are integrated into our system to ascertain accurate asset prices reflecting the current state of DeFi
  • We offer pricing information for less commonly traded assets, utilizing only their contract address. If it’s present in a pool we track, we can provide its price.

Additional Data Points We Offer

In addition to the aggregate single price for each asset, we can provide a wide range of additional data for every token:

  • Buy Price: We calculate the weighted average of all available DeFi buy prices for a specific asset.
  • Sell Price: Similarly, this metric reflects the weighted average of all DeFi sell prices for the same asset.
  • Liquidity: Our system offers insights into the total liquidity currently available across various recognized decentralized exchanges (DEXs).
  • List of Buy and Sell Swaps: We provide granular details about specific buy and sell opportunities within DEX pools. These details encompass:
    • Base Token: The primary token involved in the transaction.
    • Quote Token: The corresponding token on the other side of the transaction.
    • Rate: The initial exchange rate between the base and quote tokens.
    • Weight: The influence of this particular transaction on the aggregate token price.
    • Log Value: The value of the base token in logarithmic form, derived from the rate of this pool and the value of the quote token.
    • Source/DEX Name: The specific name of the DEX that offers this token swap.

To learn more about these additional data points or for any other inquiries, please reach out to us at