Arbitrage Tracker

The Odos Arbitrage Tracker was a research tool that aims to quantify and track cross-domain MEV opportunities via optimal arbitrage paths through Uniswap V2 style pools.

Genesis at ETHGlobal HackMoney 2021

The Odos Arbitrage Tracker started as a project named “Western Gate,” conceived during the ETHGlobal HackMoney 2021 Hackathon. The project was a success, showcasing MEV between Ethereum and Polygon in real time and winning multiple prizes including the largest prize from Flashbots.

Making Waves

Shortly after creation our tool was leveraged by the Flashbots team in their cross-domain MEV research, notably referenced in their December 2021 paper, titled “Unity is Strength: A Formalization of Cross-Domain Maximal Extractable Value”1. Soon after, it caught the eye of one of the biggest names in the industry. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, featured the Odos Arbitrage Tracker in his blog post titled “Endgame”2, published in December 2021. This recognition by such eminent figures underlines our commitment to developing effective, innovative solutions for the DeFi space.

Odos Arbitrage Tracker

In 2022 we revamped Western gate into the Odos Cross-domain Arbitrage Tracker, an updated and much more effective version of Western Gate. Odos Arbitrage Tracker tracked cross-domain arbitrage across 8 chains, computing over 30 million optimal arbitrage paths every couple of seconds. With updated abilities it continued to be an effective research tool for analyzing cross-domain MEV opportunities.