At Odos, we believe in creating products that resonate with our users’ needs. We focus on simplicity, usability, and effectiveness to provide a seamless, dynamic experience in the DeFi landscape. We’re excited to introduce our top-notch suite of products, each designed with utmost care and precision to address specific user needs.

Smart Order Routing

Our Smart Order Routing solution lies at the heart of our offerings. This powerful tool tracks the entire DeFi landscape, leveraging that data in conjunction with our patented Smart Order Routing algorithm to identify the optimal route for any token swap. By balancing additional route complexity with the marginal gas cost, it ensures users receive the best rate for their swap without overpaying on gas. Its audited and non-custodial nature ensures security and full control over your assets at all times, making it a reliable companion for your DeFi journey.

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DeFi Native Token Pricing

Finding accurate token pricing for DeFi applications can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve developed our DeFi Native Token Pricing. It eliminates the guesswork, delivering accurate, real-time pricing data for any asset with on-chain liquidity. This makes it an invaluable tool for any DeFi project, whether it be for building a decentralized application, trading tokens, capturing MEV, or analyzing and researching DeFi.

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