Quick Start Guides

Our Quick Start Guides are designed to help you hit the ground running with leveraging all of the unique and industry leading features of the Odos API. These guides provide a succinct, step-by-step overview of how you can effectively use each feature, allowing you to make the most out of our offerings right from the start.

  • The SOR API Guide provides a straightforward walkthrough of how to properly use the Odos API for Smart Order Routing (SOR). It covers all of the fundamental steps, from fetching swap quotes to assembling a quote into a transaction that can be executed on-chain.

  • The Zap SOR API Guide provides an advanced guide on Zapping into and out of Uniswap V2 LP positions combined with smart order routing to any assets using the Odos SOR API. It covers requesting Zap SOR quotes and assembling them into a transactions that can be executed on-chain.

  • The Path Visualization Guide provides an advanced guide on using the path visualization feature of the SOR API for user facing integrations.

  • The Pricing API Guide demonstrates how to fetch real-time, on-chain token pricing of thousands of supported assets across Odos-supported blockchains, in terms of hundreds of different currencies and assets.

Remember, these Quick Start Guides are the stepping stones to harnessing the power of Odos APIs. They’ll help you integrate our services effectively and efficiently into your application, contributing to a more robust and user-friendly DeFi experience. For a deeper dive into the Odos APIs, our detailed interactive documentation is your go-to resource, providing an extensive look at all available endpoints, parameters, and more.