At Odos, we bring to you powerful API solutions tailored to make your DeFi journey smooth and rewarding. We’ve engineered our APIs with distinct features to ensure efficient and cost-effective transactions in the DeFi space.

Next-Gen Smart Order Routing API

Our Smart Order Routing API isn’t your typical order router. It’s supercharged with a unique capability - multi-input and multi-output swaps. This feature allows for simultaneous swapping of multiple tokens, a functionality that can significantly reduce gas costs and enhance efficiency. This means that your application can offer your users not just the best rates, but also a more economically feasible swapping solution. With our API, you’re providing a smarter, more advanced swap solution that’s tailored for the DeFi landscape.

Like-asset Routing

An optional routing feature for the Odos Quote API, like-asset routing evaluates if the assets being traded are anchored to the same base value, and if confirmed, it narrows the trading path to these similar assets. This significant reduction in potential slippage allows for a tighter slippage tolerance. It’s important to note that while this may limit liquidity and potentially yield an equal or less favorable quote, it fosters a more stable trading experience. Users aren’t required to identify asset types; by opting in, they’re choosing a more consistent trade with the concession of quotes drawn only from stable pools. This feature doesn’t impact volatile pairs (where the two assets are of different types), providing a flexible option for those seeking a balanced trading experience.

Referral Codes

Partners that integrate Odos Smart Order Routing are able to register a referral code, which can be included in their quote API requests in order to track volume and enable partner monetization. If partners wish, they can monetize their volume by registering an additional fee with this referral code - 80% of this fee will be sent to the specified partner address at the time of the swap, while the other 20% will be retained by the protocol. Partners that do not wish to monetize this way can still register a referral code in order to be eligible for any other partner benefits that Odos may offer in the future.

Accurate Token Pricing API

Our Token Pricing API offers an essential tool for your DeFi operations - precise, real-time on-chain pricing data. It brings to your fingertips the most accurate information about any asset on the supported chains, aiding in crucial trading decisions. Integrating this into your application means equipping your users with reliable, up-to-the-minute pricing data - a key ingredient for success in the DeFi marketplace.

Fair Usage Policy

At Odos, we believe in providing reliable, uninterrupted service to all our users. To ensure this, we’ve initially established a rate limit policy - up to 1,000 requests can be made within a 5-minute window. This policy helps maintain a balanced load on our servers and guarantees a seamless experience for all users.

Odos is committed to leading the way in the DeFi space by offering distinct, high-quality API solutions. Please reach out and let us know if you are interested in a higher rate. We aim to empower you with the tools you need to build more sophisticated and user-friendly DeFi applications, contributing to a dynamic and inclusive DeFi ecosystem.