Odos is a cutting-edge platform that caters to both institutional and retail traders, empowering them with a competitive edge in swaps. Our comprehensive suite of tools offers a wide array of functionalities to enhance trading strategies and optimize performance.

Core Offerings and Trading Efficiency

Central to our offerings is the Odos Smart Order Router (SOR), a powerful tool that smoothly facilitates trades across multiple DEXs, maximizing accessible liquidity and securing the best possible prices.

In addition, Odos extends a multi-token swap feature, curated for effective treasury management and portfolio rebalancing. This tool assists traders in efficiently managing allocations across a diverse set of tokens, simplifying operations and enhancing portfolio performance.

At Odos, we have implemented a patented Automated Market Maker (AMM) path-finding algorithm. This transformative technology reshapes cryptocurrency trading by drawing on over 500 liquidity sources. Such aggregation opens up a broad pool of liquidity for traders, optimizing trade execution and reducing slippage.

In the fast-evolving sphere of digital finance, staying ahead is vital. Odos equips traders and applications with advanced tools to excel in the dynamic and competitive crypto market, innovating the way swaps are executed and creating new opportunities in DeFi.

Empowering DeFi Protocols and DEXs

For seamless integration, our SOR can be easily integrated into any swap front-end or DeFi application, providing users with a seamless and user-friendly trading experience. This integration enhances accessibility and ensures traders can leverage the full potential of Odos’ liquidity aggregation.

Odos is pioneering multi-token atomic swaps, introducing even more efficiency and novel use cases. Now entire portfolios can be rebalanced in a single atomic transaction, and treasuries can be efficiently managed. Innovating with multi-token swaps, we are excited to see new use cases taking advantage of this new dimension of asset exchange continue pop up.

For DeFi protocols and DEXs aiming to leverage the power of Smart Order Routing, Odos offers a unique solution. Our SOR can be custom-fitted into your product, allowing you to access your preferred liquidity sources. This narrows the focus to the most relevant pools, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Moreover, our SOR ensures a seamless and user-friendly trading experience, and its ease of integration promotes better accessibility. This enables DeFi protocols and DEXs to fully harness the potential of Odos’ liquidity aggregation while maintaining control over their liquidity sources.

Future-Oriented and Scalable

Odos is not just about the present; it’s designed with foresight. Presently deployed on 8 EVM chains, we are committed to flexibility and broad market coverage.

  • Scalable: Odos computes millions of paths across all of the top EVM chains, ready to grow with the evolving blockchain ecosystem.
  • Gas-Efficient: Our experienced team works tirelessly to continuously optimize gas fees, ensuring that our contracts deliver maximum output and efficiency.
  • Integration-Friendly: Our free API tier is designed for seamless integrations into user-facing platforms.

Precise and Tailored Pricing Information

Understanding the critical role of accurate pricing information, we have leveraged Odos’ extensive liquidity source tracking to create an assortment of DeFi-native pricing tools.

  • Tailored Pricing: Get DeFi-centric pricing, specifically tailored for the decentralized finance ecosystem.
  • Block-Level Data: Access detailed pricing information down to the block level, ensuring unmatched precision.
  • Cross-Chain Correspondences: Use our integrated cross-chain correspondences for exact asset prices, reflecting the current state of DeFi.
  • Uncommon Asset Pricing: We provide prices for even the longest tail assets. If it’s in a pool we monitor, we can provide a price.